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                                                                                                                       1. Aluminium uprights are supplied in silver or graphite.
2. Each screen is supplied with one inline link and one cover strip.
3. Desk mounted screens are supplied at ordered height. Please be aware bracket thickness will increase overall height.
4. Desk mounted screens up to 1800w are supplied with a
pair of matching brackets to suit 25mm desk tops, screens over 1800w are supplied with three matching brackets.
5. Standard bracket hole positions are 228mm in from each screen edge unless screen width is smaller than 800w then these will be 75mm - others available on request.
6. Floor standing screens are supplied with two height adjusters.
7. Wave or arc drop is 200mm as standard. 8. Smallest available wave width is 600w.
28% average recycled content.
91% average recyclable content.

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