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                                                                                                                                                                                     The workplace and the way we work are constantly evolving. We are continually required to create new spaces within existing environments with an increasing demand on flexibility. To meet this demand Nautilus was conceived. Originally taken from a client brief which required a floor standing, sound absorbing, fabric covered furniture solution.
The hand crafted nature of the manufacturing allows any shape or size to be created, leaving no limitation to the product, only your imagination. This flexibility is embedded within the product in all forms including height, width, depth, footprint, shape, layers, fabrics, accessories and uses, all of which can be tailored to your exact requirements.
Nautilus panels are 55mm thick and tested with a 30dB noise reduction rating, ensuring that privacy is maintained where specified. Nautilus panel height options follow recommendations set out in BSEN1023 part 1 and Nautilus is tested and certified to BSEN1023 parts 2 and 3. Nautilus is quick and easy to install, virtually tool-free with most models being suitable for a one person build in less than 1 hour. This flexibility gives the user fast relocation within a product that does not require building regulations to be sanctioned.
The flexibility within Nautilus allows inviting areas to be created which can be designed to work in conjunction with existing office furniture, resulting in employees having access to their optimal environment for working. With this in mind we have categorised Nautilus into 3 product solution types, SOLO, TEAM and WALL. To stimulate your imagination we have produced 90 standard options within these solution types. These options are a starting point, as flexibility is paramount, please specify them as they are or show us what you would like to see instead.
  37% average recycled content.
Sound absorption
Nautilus panels are tested and rated at 30dB noise reduction. The panels achieve this with an internal layer of sound absorbing foam. SRL technical report, ref. no. 22913 T01.
91% average recyclable content.

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