Page 54 - Era Price Guide 11.1
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                                                                                                                                                                                                1. Frameless sound absorbing tile, available in WALL, CEILING and BAFFLE.
2. WALL and CEILING hung available in 40mm or 64mm thick.
3. BAFFLE is 45mm thick. 4. Fabric wrapped.
31% average recycled content.
71% average recyclable content.
Sound absorption
Eden sound absorbing tiles are tested and • 40mmthick,NRC0.55.
• 45mmthick,NRC0.55.
• 64mmthick,NRC0.90.
5. WALL mounted Eden supplied with industrial velcro  xings for wall mounting as standard.
6. CEILING and BAFFLE hung Eden supplied with ceiling wire  xing kits as standard.
7. Other  xing methods available on request - POA. 8. Bespoke shapes and sizes are available on request.
have a noise reduction coe cient as follows:

   52   53   54   55   56