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                                                                                                                           1. Frame colour available in white or silver.
2. Each screen is supplied with two inline links.
3. Floor standing screens are supplied with two height adjusters. 4. All glazing is double glazed as standard.
47% average recycled content.
Electric screens
5. Part glazed starts at 800mm from floor.
6. For coloured glazing options please contact us.
7. For desk level electric and full electric screen specification please see page below.
8. Certified to BS6396.
72% average recyclable content.
A = desk level electric screen available in F50 only.
B = full electric screen available in F50 only. C = feed through cable management
system with cable clips supplied
provides 3 way cable separation.
D D = removable desk level panel supplied
both sides with brush strip cable access, panel is positioned 800mm from floor as standard. Panel is coated to match frame finish. Cable access is from both sides of screen.
desk level electric screen.
full electric screen.
E = face mounted sockets are available and must be ordered separately. Sockets are mounted to the removable desk level panels and can be positioned back to back. Sockets can be supplied in singles or multiples depending on screen width.
F = removable lower panel providing cable dump facility with top brush strip access, supplied self finished in black.

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